Merriweather Post Pavilion Rules

The Merriweather Post Pavilion is committed to providing a safe environment for visitors, staff and performers. Guests are asked to observe the following rules and regulations during their visit to help make this possible. For the latest rules and for questions relating to venue policies, it is advised to contact the venue directly.

No Outside Food or Drinks

Guests are reminded that outside food or drinks are prohibited within the Merriweather Post Pavilion. This encompasses all food items and beverages, including alcoholic drinks. Instead, attendees can delight in a broad range of culinary options at various food stalls within the pavilion.

Smoking Prohibition

Smoking is strictly prohibited within the venue to foster a healthy and enjoyable atmosphere. This policy promotes a fresh and clean environment for everyone. However, designated smoking zones are provided outside the entrance to accommodate the needs of smoking guests.

Service Animals Only

Only service animals are allowed within the premises to avoid disturbances and maintain a serene atmosphere. This rule helps ensure a safe and pleasant environment for the audience and performers.

Lawn Seating Regulations

Guests are invited to bring chairs and blankets to enhance their comfort in the lawn seating area. However, to avoid obstructing the view for others, tents, and umbrellas are not allowed in this area.

Security Measures

Security is a priority at the Merriweather Post Pavilion. Guests should anticipate a quick but thorough check of bags and persons at the entrance to ensure the safety and well-being of all attendees.

Age Restrictions

Certain events may have age restrictions to ensure the content is suitable for all attendees. We recommend checking specific event details for any age-related guidelines before purchasing tickets.

Respectful Behavior

All guests are encouraged to maintain respectful behavior throughout their visit. Disruptive or impolite conduct will not be tolerated, and offending guests may be asked to leave.

Photography and Recording

Professional cameras and recording equipment are generally prohibited to respect the performers’ rights and maintain a distraction-free environment for all guests unless authorized by event organizers.

Emergency Protocols

In case of an emergency, guests are urged to stay calm and adhere to the directions given by our trained staff. The venue is equipped with clearly marked emergency exits to facilitate a safe and organized evacuation if necessary.

Ticket Policy

Guests are reminded to keep their tickets handy at all times. Lost or misplaced tickets cannot be replaced, and re-entry may not be permitted without a valid ticket. Please ensure the safekeeping of your tickets to avoid any inconveniences.

Prohibited Items

Certain items are prohibited inside the venue to guarantee all guests’ safety and enjoyment. This includes weapons, drugs, and large bags or backpacks. Any person possessing these items may be denied entry or ejected from the venue.

Dress Code

While there is no strict dress code, guests are encouraged to dress comfortably and appropriately for the event. Please consider the weather and the nature of the event when choosing your attire to ensure a comfortable experience

Bag Policy

All guests are subject to a bag search. Refusal may result in denied entry to the amphitheatre. Bags measuring over 13”x15″ are not permitted into the venue. Backpacks of any size are also not permitted.

For more general information on Merriweather Post Pavilion please read the Merriweather Post Pavilion info page.