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Are you lookin' to jam out to the 90s one more time? Well, you're in luck because the New Kids on the Block are bringing back their huge, iconic tour from 1990, complete with all the magic that made it one of the best tours of the year—quite literally, magic!!! That's right, folks, the Magic Tour is back again after 34 long years, and everyone is super excited about the whole thing. 90s superstars Paula Abdul and DJ Jazzy Jeff will also be there, as special guests, just for that something extra.

Everything about this tour screams nostalgia and has your name written all over it. Right here and now, you can secure your spot for the Merriweather Post Pavilion gig going down on August 16, 2024. All you gotta do is click on the "Get Tickets" button above and follow some simple prompts. Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers; click it right now!!!

New Kids On The Block Tickets from $54

In 1990, there was something truly magical happening. It was the New Kids on the Block Magic Tour. The trek saw fans through one helluva a set of shows, which included not only their best numbers and the band at the height of their success, but magic tricks too. The illusions were created in collab with Harry Blackstone Jr., which went on to win an award for its contributions to the industry.

What's the point of repeating what happened all those years ago? Well, NKOTB are back at it again. Just like the previous tour, they're doing it big, with over 40 dates included in the trip. Not only that, they're bringing the magic back, quite literally, with the same things that made the first one so great, but updated for modern times.

They've promised to deliver a thrill fest of a performance with all their greatest hits, unexpected favorites, and, of course, some unique surprises. This has created quite the buzz in the game, and fans can't wait for the whole thing to happen. So, when summer rolls around, those pining to go back to those oh-so-amazing glory days will have all their dreams come true. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

As a cherry on top, the New Kids on the Block, made up of Donnie, Joey, Jordan, Jonathan, and Danny, will bring with them icons of the 90s, Paula Abdul and DJ Jazzy Jeff. The trio will give you all the nostalgia that will last a lifetime, and there's nothing better than that, is there?

There comes a time when the stars align and the planets come together so that things are just right, and for this tour, that time is now. People can taste the excitement in the air, so it should come as no surprise that tickets are already super difficult to come by. Luckily for you, we offer the best service, and part of that is to always make sure we have stock. You can grab yours right here and now, but you need to be quick because, despite our best efforts, they won't be around for long.

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